Edible Printing

We are now able to provide edible prints enabling your own designs to be printed onto edible paper or sheet icing.

We can scan your design or receive by email. These designs can be printed onto a cake or made into cupcake toppers. We can even scan and print your photos directly onto sheet icing for the ultimate personal celebration cake.
A 7.5 inch round design/photo printed on rice paper can be added to your cake or supplied for your own creation. The same applies for a sheet of 12 cupcake toppers.

For a better quality print (ideal for photos), we recommend printing your design/photo onto sheet icing. This is a very thin piece of icing on a plastic backing.


2 thoughts on “Edible Printing

    1. Hi. We bake from home in Walsall. We are hobby bakers making cakes for friends and family inbetween our normal jobs. You can source edible printed sheets of all sorts on ebay. Search for ‘printed toppers’. We can do it but a lot of the on-line businesses offer free delivery too! Hope this helps.
      Ice Ice Maybe.

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