Frog Prince Cake & Cupcakes (click for photo)


IMAG0519IMAG0520 IMAG0521

Frog Prince Cake & Cupcakes


Certainly a winner for a childrens party. This Frog cake will have the kids exited and the parents pleased as they do not have to waste time serving up the cake, just let the kids help themselves to the cupcakes from the stand. You will be left with a nice cake for family members and the adults.


As usual, numerous sponge flavours are available along with fillings.

The number of cupcakes can be tailored to suit your party needs.

The main cake can be personalised (as seen in the picture).


The Frog cake can be supplied for £25.00

The Cupcakes (half frog characters / half floral design as seen above) start at £1.25 each with discounts available for larger orders.

The above package (cake plus 20 cupcakes) can be supplied for £45.00

Cake stands can be supplied at current market price if requested.


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