Cupcakes Gallery (click for photos)

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Cupcake Gallery


Cupcakes are an ideal alternative to the traditional cake for your celebration, they can just as easily acompany the main cake leaving you no fuss or mess when it comes to dishing out to your guests. Cupcakes replace the need to cut, wrap and bag individual slices leaving you more time to enjoy the party!

Theses cupcakes can be totally tailored to your requirements, from quantities as little as a dozen to unlimited numbers.


Available in a number of sponge flavours, containing a number of fillings and endless designs, they are the ultimate versatile party must have. Why not try a main centrepiece cake with matching cupcakes for your guests / family (see some of our examples).


Prices for our cupcakes vary significantly depending on quantity, design, flavours etc.

Character cupcakes are priced at £20.00 per dozen.

Generally, cupcakes work out at roughly £1 each but discounts can be given on larger orders.


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