Tea Party (click for photo)

Tea Pot cake with assortment of decorated cupcakes.
Tea Party

Cake Name

Tea Party


This can be made to suit your  requirements, A very elegant cake suitable for a whole host of celebrations. The cupcake tiers allow you to customise the package to the size of your celebration. This ranging from just the tea pot cake, to the cake plus an unlimited number of matching cupcakes. (Photo shows 80 cupcakes on display). The effect of the tea, pouring from the spout into the cups, then cascading down the layers is an effective touch that adds to the overall look.


The cake can be a variety of flavours, just tell us your favourite! The number of matching cupcakes is entirely up to you. Colour scheme can also be adjusted to suit your celebration. Cakes and cupcakes can also be personalised with messages / names for that personal touch. Sizes This cake is available in one size (approx 8inch diameter at base of tea-pot). Again, the number of cupcakes is up to you.

Approximate Cost

The cost of the cake alone is £30.00 The price of a package including cupcakes depends on the quantity.

A package price for the cake plus 80 cupcakes (as shown) would be approx £100.00 depending on your personalisation requirements.

Further Information

For further information, drop us a line and we will be happy to advise / quote.


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