Best Chocolate Cake….Ever! (click for photo)


Cake Name

Best Chocolate Cake…..Ever!


Dont tell the doctor!!!!

A very special three layered soft chocolate sponge cake separated by rich chocolate buttercream icing. This being surrounded by chocolate wafer straws before being topped with more chocolate buttercream icing and a very generous portion of chocolate brazil nuts to finish.


The cake comes as seen apart from your personalisation requirements which can be in the form of a message / name on the base of the cake. You can also substitute the Brazil nuts for another of your wicked treats (Belgian truffles make a very luxurious alternative for a special occasion).


The cake can be made in two sizes:

8 inch diamater

10 inch diameter

Approximate Cost

8 inch (as shown, inc message / name) = £25.00

10 inch (as shown, inc message / name) = £35.00

Belgian truffles or similar can be sourced and added at your request (market price will be added for this).

Further Information

This cake is a very popular one, we have received many orders for this and the feedback has been very positive.

The best comment that we have received to date is:

“That cake was absolutely filthy, in fact it was that naughty,

it should have been served from under a counter in a brown paper bag.”

I assume that was a compliment!   (Cheers Donna!)


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